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Hear What Mistress Diana Von Rigg Has To Say

We interviewed Mistress Diana Von Rigg on the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast where she said this…

Mistress Diana Von Rigg

“I have a lovely thing called a Slubb®, which it looks as cruel as it actually is, it is a multi-tool, like a power tool with a rubber attachment on the end, and this thing has to be well lubed because it is powered by a 12-volt battery, and it can make the most impotent of men ejaculate. It’s an evil little thing, lets just say that. It really is, I would recommend everyone getting one. It’s a German tool, and I think well worth the money. It goes up to 6-levels and I have got up to number 4 with one person. It’s like nothing I have ever seen. As soon as I saw a friend of mine had posted a clip of it, and I thought “What is that? Everyone I have used it on and every time I have used it with a friend, they have gone out and got one, I mean you look at it it’s very inventive, and it doesn’t look like a sex toy but it most certainly is!”

Mistress Diana Von Rigg
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