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Mistress Diamond Blu’s Review of Slubb

“I have a surprise for you” always instills the greatest look of fear in my submissives And for one lucky client – it truly was his lucky day…

Naked, anxious and terrified, I placed the Slubb on his naked belly. The sheer weight of it had him gasping.

“Is that some sort of power tool Mistress?”

I let out a robust holler: “Power tool for me but ego destroyer for you. “

Slipping the rubber belt and loosely tightening it around my submissive’s cock elicited a melodic moan. Did he think I was going to treat him kindly today? What a fool…

“Does that feel nice?”
“Yes mistress”

I slid the strap of the Slubb up and down his throbbing stem as I began to giggle – “this is about to get even “nicer”. Just you wait…”

My perfectly manicured fingernails turned the dial to one. Instantaneously, he jumped – as if his body began to levitate.

“Jesus Fuck! What is that?!”
“It my Power tool. Called “The Slubb”. Lie back and let me enjoy as I watch you teeter between pleasure and complete brain explosion”.

And the ride was wild – starting at number one, I quickly shifted to number 2, then 3. My submissive’s face became contorted, rapidly switching euphoria and panic. Then I would stop, and place the strap around his balls, slide up, and then back down, resting on his swollen sac, then literally dialing it up to 6. He became my whimpering sturgeon desperately gasping for air on the floor my yacht.

Dropping back to number 2. I said sternly, “I must make you work to get to number 6.” Endless begging and pleading lead to 35 minute of relentless edging. I have never seen a man’s junk literally throb with each beat of his heart. I kept a steady pace between level 3 and 6, oscillating mercilessly between the two levels allowing him to reach an intolerable state of the pain/pleasure threshold.

“Mistress, please! I’m begging you, please let me cum!!” With tears streaming from his eyes, his breath laboured, and face flushed a deep pink, I smiled and whispered: “Be careful what you wish for!”

As the dial inched closer to number 6 for the last time, the vibration was so intense that I felt the motor rumble from my hand deep into my chest. The looped black strap of the Slubb shook the tip of my submissive’s rod like a playful puppy with a floppy toy in its mouth. “And count to ten!”

His trembling voice broke as he shouted out “one Mistress”, but before he could make it to two, the Slubb hit the maximum level of intensity. “Twooooo! HOLY FUCK TWOOOOO!” and that’s then I shut the machine off complete. “TWOOOOOOOOOO! NOOOOOO!” His lungs exploded with sound. And so did he! A gigantic load over his chest and face. I stood above him, pleased with my accomplishment and the power of the Slubb.

After letting him clean up his own mess in my favourite way, he fell to his knees and bowed repeatedly: “Mistress, Goddess, oh my God! I can’t even speak!!”
“Say “thank you Mistress Diamondblu” stupid man, and say thank you Slubb!”

manicured fingernails

— Mistress Diamond Blu

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