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A Conversation With Mistress Sable

How did you learn about the Slubb?

Mz. Sable: Well I heard Mistress Dianna Von Rigg discussing it on the Kinky Cocktail Hour podcast, and the idea of a powerful male masturbator that I could use on my clients was very intriguing to me. When she said, “It even makes flaccid men cum”, I was very excited to get my hands on one. I followed you guys on twitter and when you announced that Slubb had come to the USA, I was quick to acquire one.

Did it live up to the hype that Mistress Dianna Von Rigg suggested?

Mz. Sable: Absolutely, more so if I am honest. First of all, its a unique tool. Most men, almost all men really, in America have not yet had a chance to explore male masturbation with a tool like this. So its very surprisingly effective. Its quite powerful and there is lots of room on the upside to explore further. The fact is that at the lowest level of the 6 available, level 1, my clients cannot help themselves, they ejaculate. Even those who are not able to generate a true erection have orgasms. Its quite remarkable. My clients love it.

What was the most surprising thing you noticed?

Mz Sable: Well, for me, the degree of engorgement Slubb causes is quite something. Cocks that are hard, get harder and thicker, which is amazing, and my clients tell me that that ability to be fully engorged can still be accessed later on. Hours and even days later. That was a big surprise.

Do you think that this is a tool for a couple to include in their play as a regular part of their sex life?

Mz. Sable: I mean that is a very good question. For sure, its a great way to give your partner control over your orgasm. I think for those who are in FemDom relationships it’s a great toy to have in your toy box. The reason I say that is that a Mistress can tell her partner not to cum and use the Slubb Masturbator on him and watch him fail, which opens up the conversation about punishment! Its also a great tool to use to ruin orgasms. So yes, I think for a couple in bed, kinky or not, its a wonderful toy to have access to.

What are some of the challenges it represents?

Mz. Sable: The Slubb Masturbation tool is a power tool, so its a bit heavy and industrial looking and its quite noisy, on the other hand, that its charm. Imagine being a submissive man, blindfold and tied to to a bed, so the noise is a great way to excite the submissive and his imagination. Also, because men cum so quickly, the weight is not really that much of an issue in the end.

Can you share how you use the Slubb Masturbator generally?

Mz. Sable: First of all, I make sure that my play partner is laying on a towel The reason is I like to use a LOT of lube. While you can use water based lubes, the manufacturer recommends silicone based lubes, and I agree that it makes more sense to use silicon. It lasts longer. I also make sure that the attachment is correctly fit so that it is loose around the erect penis, and then I start with Level 1 and slowly bring the attachment up and down the penis so that he gets an overall vibrational experience. Then I linger at the base of the penis, where the erection nerves live. That is what makes the penis get so engorged amazingly. After a bit I slowly move the attachment up to the head of the penis, the glans, where the ejaculation nerves live. I monitor my partners affect and continue the process as I see fit. I am also talking to them, either encouraging them to cum or not to cum, depending the scene. I can usually get them to ejaculate at Level 1, and only on occasion, will I increase the intensity to level 2 or in a pinch, level 3. I’ve never had to increase the intensity above level 3. After they ejaculate I increase the intensity to keep the sensations really high, especially when I am playing with masochists. I will say that depending on the situation, I will add lube as I go on. Especially if the session goes on.

What thoughts do you have about the Slubb Male Masturbation toy going forward?

Mz. Sable: To be honest, I am having fun playing with it in sessions. I have had one client purchase one so far, and I charge him to use it as instructed because he is a trucker on the road, and so I can do distance-domination with him. Beyond that, I have not really thought to much about it.

Do you recommend the Slubb male masturbation tool?

Mz. Sable: YES! I think that every pro Domme should have one. I also think its a great toy for the average person or couple to include in their toy box. Absolutely.


Mz. Sable: You are welcome, are there any updates coming?

Stay tuned, we have lots on the drawing board!

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