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How to Properly use a Male Masturbator

We think that the gold standard for male masturbators is Slubb. Naturally. So when it comes to discussing the best male masturbators, we will restrict our specific comments to the use of the Slubb. As a general rule, using a male masturbator is not that difficult. You insert your erection to the device, and you stroke. Now there are specific considerations. Fit is one. It is important for a vibration tool like Slubb, to have enough give so that the strap can comfortably vibrate on your erect penis. This means that for the tool to work correctly, you literally have to have it loose enough to vibrate and get the full effect. One of the mistakes most novices make is to make the strap too tight. Why this is important is that Slubb will increase your engorgement, making the shaft of your penis thicker and the strap will suddenly become too tight. So to avoid this error when using our best male masturbator, start with your strap looser than you think necessary.

The other mistake people make is to use an insufficient about of lube. The manufacturer of Slubb recommends that you use silicone lube. It is possible to use water based lube, but silicone lube lasts longer. Regardless of which lube you use, make sure there is always enough lube on the penis. The heat generated by the vibration evaporates water based lubes faster than silicone lube, so that is why its best to use silicone.

Probably the most important consideration in using your powerful male masturbator correctly, it to clean and dry it after use and to properly store it. Carefully wipe down the machine part with a moist towel and dry it off. The strap should be removed and cleaned with toy cleaner and dried before you store it away. You want your toy to be ready to go, so one thing I suggest is that before you put it away, recharge the battery so its ready to go when you want to use it. Not everybody has a powerful male masturbator, and if you do, you are lucky, so take care of it and it will last a long time. Now go enjoy Slubb, the best male masturbator available!

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