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Why Masturbation Is A Self-Care Tool

Do you have erectile dysfunction (ED)? While not all varieties of ED are amenable to masturbation tools like Slubb, many are. We talked to a client recently who suffers from a form of ED that allows him to not get quite as hard as he should be able to, and as a result, he has not been able to ejaculate for some time. To his surprise, Slubb proved to be an erectile dysfunction tool that brought him to climax without difficulty.

We know that there are so many benefits to masturbation, from health benefits like prostate health to wellbeing benefits like endorphins and cortisol leaving you feeling good. Its also great to use masturbation to fantasize and to stretch out sexual satisfaction with a partner and its true, men who masturbate have better sex lives.

Mutual masturbation is a wonderful way to get related sexually to your partner. When your partner brings a powerful male masturbator to the table, imagine feeling her up while she uses her Slubb as an erectile dysfunction tool to give you sexual pleasure.

Remember, masturbation is self-care. Slubb is your masturbation tool that turns ED into pleasure again. Slubb is your erectile dysfunction tool.

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