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What impressed me the most about the Slubb- Troy Orleans

As a gear enthusiast, I’m always on the lookout for inventive toys and equipment to elevate the play experience. So when my dear friend, colleague, and sister in gear geekery, Elise Graves brought out her Slubb during a double session at her Bay Area studio, saying that it was a guaranteed orgasm-maker, I was immediately curious. It was so effective, however, I barely had time to register how it even worked because our bound sub came within seconds of her turning it on! 

Once I returned to Salon d’Orleans, my private bondage studio in New York City, I made a point of adding a Slubb to my extensive, curated collection. I’ve spent the past couple of months putting it through its paces in a variety of kinky scenarios and now consider the Slubb to be a dungeon essential, surpassing the Doxy, Hitachi, and other vibrators in its effectiveness and being much easier, more convenient, and more fun to use than the Venus 2000. 

What’s impressed me the most about the Slubb is how it brings even the most exhausted, overstimulated, and overwhelmed cock to life. It’s an incredible feeling of control and power to have as the Domme. The relentlessness of the machine and the heady feeling of objectification it inspires — “It doesn’t matter how tired you are, the Slubb does not tire. It will not stop until I make it stop and there’s nothing you can do about it.” — is a huge turn on for me. It’s excellent for everything from a quick finish, to interminable edging, to frustrating ruined orgasms, to torturous forced ejaculations. Did he come too soon? The Slubb will make him come again, whether he wants to or not. Do you need him to come right now? The Slubb will make sure of it. 

I shared the Slubb with my domme friend Mistress Alicia to try with some of her clients, including one who has some erectile/orgasm issues. She said, “The Slubb is insane! I love it! I think it was a complete shock to the senses for anyone I’ve put it on… But also unbelievable in terms of such extreme sensation.” 

If there are any downsides to the Slubb, I’d say first is the noise: it is not a quiet machine by any means, especially at the higher settings. It’s also on the hefty side (maybe 2-3lbs?) so some muscle and dexterity are useful during extended use. Of the handful of men who’ve experienced it at my studio, only one found it unpleasant, citing the speed and oscillating sensation as too intense to trigger an orgasm.

The Slubb is easy to clean, holds a charge for a long time, it’s weighty but durable, and so very effective. Overall, it’s proven itself to be a welcome addition to my studio and earned a starring role in my scenes! 

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