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The Slubb Clitoral Stimulator

We are very excited about this development. Michael Strobel, our founder, has developed the perfect way to expand the use of the Slubb to both sexes. Up until now, Slubb has been an exclusively male masturbator. Not just “one of them”, it has been the most powerful of the male masturbators, and certainly a one-of-a-kind experience for men given that vibration has not been one of the common sexual experiences for men.

By contrast, women have had a much longer and more fruitful experience with masturbation. There are a range of vibrators for women from penetrative devices like the Rabbit to saddle style devices like Motorbunny, to clitoral stimulators like Hitachi. Women are MUCH more comfortable using toys for self pleasure than men are, and have a much longer history with toys designed for their pleasure.

Up until now the most impressive clitoral stimulator was the Hitachi, which generates vibrations at a peak of 6,000 rpm when turned up to full volume. Most women find that this level of vibration is sufficient to bring about a great orgasm. In come cases, women who use Hitachi find themselves squirting during orgasm.

Well enter the Slubb Clitoral Stimulator. The Slubb tops out at 18,000 rpm, That is 300% stronger than the Hitachi.

When a woman uses the Slubb clitoral stimulator, she will find a new level of orgasmic bliss. Our president, recently tried the Clitoral Stimulator and she said, “It’s amazing! It’s a really deep vibration, something you feel in your nerves…it makes me squirt!”

There are two things to keep in mind. First, we do not have the Clitoral Stimulator in stock as yet and Second, we anticipate having a unit that is a universal adapting unit which will fit any multi-tool. This is a massive development. If you would like to be alerted when we get them in stock, please send me an email with Clitoral Stim Alert in the subject line.

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