Affiliate Program Update 6.2.22

I can finally announce that our Affiliate Program is operational. Register to join the Affiliate Program on our Individual Affiliate page ( A couple of great features. Once you have registered, you can change your affiliate link to reflect your PR image. You earn 20% commission on sales. We would love to have you on … Continue reading Affiliate Program Update 6.2.22

Affiliate Program Update

Hi folks, well we had some technical difficulties with out Affiliate Program plug in on WordPress, so we had to find a different solution. We are in the process of completing the onboarding and integration of the new Affiliate Program and payment system. I’ll announce here when we are operational. Continue reading Affiliate Program Update


Our product needs silicone lube. Pulse makes a high quality silicone lube and we are excited to have opened the door to a longer term relationship with them. Check out Pulse Pods and imagine having these two technologies together! Continue reading Pulse!

Headed To Domcon

Tomorrow morning we are off to Domcon in LA to announce the launch of Slubb USA. We are doing a recorded segment with Rocket Rob of the Rocket Review in the Exhibit Hall on Sunday morning at 11:00. It should be live. We have worked hard with the founder, Michael Strobel, to get Slubb into … Continue reading Headed To Domcon

Here Are Some X-rated Clips of Slubb in Action Continue reading Here Are Some X-rated Clips of Slubb in Action