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MAP Policy For Slubb

The MSRP for Slubb is $235.00

We believe that selling Slubb for under $210.00 devalues the product. We have established $210.00 as our Minimum Advertised Price (MAP), and we ask you, as a retailer, to honor this MAP policy.

As the supplier, we acknowledge that the Minimum Advertised Price policy is one-way and that while you as a distributor are not legally bound by it, it is important to remember that we as your Slubb supplier are free to take legal action against MAP policy violations.

The primary purpose of this policy is to educate and persuade partners that following the rules will pay off while breaching them would result in repercussions. This is our policy, and we plan to both monitor distributor pricing and enforce our MAP policy.

Our MAP pricing enforcement steps we will undertake in case of a violation include a warning notice for a first violation, an official cease-and-desist letter and/or the termination of partnership with the seller in case of repeated violations. We can also restrict where a retailer or distributor can sell their product. This can include the prohibition of online sales. 

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