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Welcome, Media!

Thank you for your interest in Slubb-USA.

We are grateful for any and all coverage you can give and we are happy to make time for product demonstrations, product-specific photo shoots or interviews. If you are interested in receiving a review unit, please email with the publishing details and if we can approve your site or publication, we will.

Below you will find links to high resolution photo’s below. 

We would be honored to hear from you and to receive any press mentions directly from you. We are a small team striving to give our product a global presence but we never want to lose the personal touches. Thank you again for visiting and for your interest in our product.



Mistress Kay

Sex toy reviewer, kink educator, and weirdo who is constantly staging pretty photos for sex toys reviewed Slubb in Kink World





“…it’s a good toy to have in my arsenal for times when I want to take decisive control in the bedroom — or just give my partner a lot of pleasure, very quickly. “


“…if you want very, very strong vibration, whether because you’re dealing with erectile dysfunction or just ‘cause you have a “go big or go home” mentality, you want the Slubb.”



Rocket Rob Box Opening for his Product Review
Youtube Slubb Demo

Slubb and Machine 1
Slubb and machine 2
Slubb and machine
with battery
Slubb for women 1
Slubb for women 2
Slubb for women 3
Slubb machine close up 1
Slubb and machine close up 2
Slubb US Logo
Slubb Logo

About Slubb

Slubb USA is the North American distribution arm of in Germany. Slubb was created and introduced to the world of sexuality in 2020 and has taken the European kink community by storm. Now it’s coming to North America and we are excited to make a splash here too.

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