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Slubb, the best male masturbation tool

Introducing the best male masturbator on the market today, Slubb, the new German novelty sex toy that the leader in male masturbators. This unique, innovative and powerful male masturbation tool has changed the game completely. Comparing male vibrator, nothing has the innovation and the power of the Slubb. We know that you have a choice to make as to which male masturbator you choose for your purposes. This is why we encourage you to consider the most powerful and most innovative of the male masturbators on the market today, indeed, the best male masturbator money can buy. Slubb. This innovative male masturbator offers a 360 degree experience that does two things most other products on the market fail to do. First, this male masturbator enhances the erection by increasing engorgement, and second it simulates ejaculation. This occurs because unlike other male masturbators, the Slubb simulates both the nerves that bring about an erection at the base of the penis and the nerves that bring about an ejaculation at the glans of the penis. This makes Slubb the best masturbation tool on the market today.

Most male masturbators on the market today are insertion style male masturbators. The Slubb offers a unique experience for all around stimulation with a hand held device that is a great novelty item for any bedroom. The loose fitting strap slides up and down the penis with the slightest movements, causing a dramatic increase in sexual satisfaction even as the penis achieves full erection. Its super fun to play with a partner, although it is possible to use this male masturbator alone. What makes this the best masturbation tool? Its pretty simply the raw power that the Slubb has with a starting vibrational level of 5,000 vibrations per minute. While level 1 is the ideal level for complete sexual satisfaction, the device has the ability to go up as high as 18,000 vibrations per minute over 6 levels. The rheostat offers the user complete discretion for the perfectly dialed in experience.

If you are considering a male masturbation tool to enhance your experience, it makes sense to choose the best male masturbation tool available, right? Do yourself a favor, and choose the best male masturbation tool on the market today. Choose Slubb as your male masturbator.


What is a male vibrator?

This is a novelty item that is designed to give cis gendered men sexual pleasure

How do I care for my male vibrator?

After use, make sure it is clean and dry and store it outside of direct sunlight nor near a hearing unit.

What happens if two people use the same vibrator?

Both will have pleasure

How do I find the best vibrator online?


Is this male masturbation tool loud?

This is a common complaint. It is a power tool. On the other hand, its not as loud as some sex toys. Part of the experience is the sound.

Is there any scientific research into Vibrator use?

None published to date

Are all the Vibrators on your site safe to use?

Yes, although common sense is always a good idea.

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